A Word From FauxReal .....

Dated: 08/14/99 @ 12:00 PM EST

Well, it's finally over .....
My thanks go out to those who have visited my WebTV site over the last three plus years. And to those who have benefited from it, Thank you as well, for giving me the oppertunity to help.

Over the last three years I have learned alot about the web because of WebTV, and because of the one to one contact from people on the web. But as we all know things move on, people do other things and so on. If this is your first visit, this messages may not feel relevelant to you, but to the others who have visited know that this site was just abbandoned, without any noticable reason given. But I think it was something "in its day" ....

The reason I simply left the site as it was is over 2 years ago I got my first actual computer, over the last two years I have progressed greatly, having various other "more powerful" (and way more confusing) toys. This may offend some WebTV users, but please don't perceive me wrong. The entire site was made with ONLY my WebTV, and me. Everything from Perl scripts to graphics made by those online custom graphic creators. So WebTV terminal in itself, you must agree, cant really do to many things compared to the other "toys". It's up to the creativity of the user of this "internet appliance" to design, overcome, and create things using various other resources available throughout this vast land called "The Web". And I have seen many many GREAT sites made by people using nothing but WebTV, and many many horrible sites made by people using every tool know to man.

To sum everything up. I no longer have a WebTV, therefore making pages using one, and making them specifically for a WebTV browser is difficult task now from a computer. Pages display quite differently on the two platforms, repectivly. And I have been out of the "circle" of WebTV for so long now there is no possible way I could or can contiune providing the cutting-edge tricks, tips and help for the ever evolving WebTV platform. And the even more evolving users of it.

Well, I think that is about it, if I missed anything, sorry. If you feel need to contact me my address is at the bottom of this page. Kinda sad pulling this site offline, but in the long run I think its better for us all, that is, not to leave outdated material around for some to follow and only fail due its now incorrectness.

Now that I look back on it the following is quite funny.
You may be able to find "copies" of portions of my once exsistant site elsewhere on the web, that some so-called webmasters decided to rip off. Thats's another whole complete novel I could write though. Well I guess what they say might be true, "plagerism (copying) is the highest form of flattery". Yea, that sounds right I guess... :-P

And with that, My final closing....

I Guess All Good Things Must Come To An End.
My Friends, You Are Now Viewing The Offical End Of "FauxReal's WebTV Mecca".